Paints for houses: pillars and palettes

Reassess the past
Consumer society discards the old in favor of the new, but it is time to reevaluate our history.
The skills and values of the past echo timelessly. We need to be bold enough to reject fads, to
live not only valuing the present, but also the solid and sustainable future.
Timeless colors palette: combining tradition and contemporary tones, this palette is all about
valuing the past and seeing its relevance for the future. Alone or in creative combinations,
these colors heat and energize, without overloading, as well as bringing a sense of
contemporary tradition to indoor and outdoor environments. They are: View of the Emperor,
Cappuccino, Monarch Gold, Creme Brulee, Spider Web, Winter Silence, White String, European
White and Soft Copper.
Environmental awareness
It is time to understand the urgency of reducing our impact on the planet, as well as finding
ways to do things in different and more sustainable ways. A period of strong social and
economic change leads us to reevaluate what really matters in life, such as simple pleasures,
home, family and friends.
Planet color palette: the tones of the natural world – the sea and the sky, the grass and the
trees, the soil – echo in the blues, greens and browns of this selection. They combine naturally
and can remind us of our connection to the surrounding environment, the resilience of nature
and the need to protect it. They are part of this palette that provides intelligent combinations
of the colors Square in Winter, Midnight Garden, Mystery of the Ocean, Blueberry, Soft Wind,
Imminent Storm, Soft Melody, Fencing and Black Mica. Infinity Pro how much does it cost to paint a house interior

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