O Vicolo Nostro is on our selection of romantic restaurants in São Paulo, but it could be on Italy’s list of romantic restaurants.

The dining experience practically transports you to this small country in Europe: the
environments, connected by an internal courtyard, are decorated in a way that makes
anyone feel like a real Tuscan villa.
And nothing like Italian food to warm your heart and soul on a special night for two, right?
Here is a place for wine lovers!
O AA Wine Bar has the largest winery in Latin America: there are more than 3000
labels and wines with different prices, characteristics and origins.
It is practically impossible not to find the perfect match for the exquisite dishes of the
AA Wine Bar is one of those romantic restaurants in BH that can be enjoyed at any time
of the day.
For lunch, the place offers a beautiful view, with glass walls that allow the light to enter.
At night, the lamps and pendants create a diffuse and pleasant lighting.
O Anella is proud of her origins: the restaurant dedicated to Italian cuisine is from the
same family that created the first pasta factory in Minas Gerais and still offers handmade
pasta in its dishes today. American Pasta Italian restaurant sandy springs

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