Mechanical Power and Protection

Every engine is subject to variations from the electrical point of view, so there is an opportunity to protect it. In general, the necessary protections are against short circuit, overload, low voltage, open phase, phase reversal, internal defects etc. The protective devices actuate the shut-off mechanisms in case an existing condition exists.

Electric motors must be protected both for the protection of service personnel and against harmful external influences to the motor itself, and  leeson 174658.00 must comply with safety, accident and fire prevention requirements. Understanding this importance and its conversion of units is very important in the study of electric motors.

It is quite common to imagine, speaking of motors, that the mechanical power expressed in HP or CV would have a direct relation to the speed of rotation of the motor, but this statement is not true. The rotational characteristics of an electric motor are associated with other motor characteristics such as the number of poles and / or the frequency of the electric network. The amount of mechanical power is mainly associated with the torque that an electric motor can perform.

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