Italian restaurant Fasano

Italian restaurant is well located in the São Paulo
Best Italian restaurant in the choice of the jury and in the choice of the reader. The restaurant
of the restaurateur Rogério Fasano is in charge of the kitchen Luca Gozzani (ex-chef of Fasano
Al Mare, in Rio). Classic, the menu has impeccable fresh pasta, modeled daily, and risottos
such as fresh beans and sausages. Among the creations of Gozzani recently incorporated into
the menu are the suckling pig with florentine beans and the agnolotti stuffed with ricotta,
crayfish and zucchini. Very sharp, the salon staff is led by the maitre d ‘manager Almir Paiva. R.
Vitório Fasano, 88, Jardim Paulista, subway Consolação, tel. 3062-4000, Since
1990. Mon. to Sat. 7:30 pm / 1 am. Credit: A / D / H / M / V. Debit: M / R / V. Couvert: R $ 29.
Starters: R $ 64 to R $ 735. Main dishes: R $ 99 to R $ 270. Desserts: R $ 24 to R $ 79. Tasting
menu: R $ 290 (4 dishes). Valet: R $ 20. American Pasta pasta rowell in ga

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