Home paints: external environments, types of paint and residence

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What is the best paint to paint outdoors?
For this type of environment, the best type of paint is acrylic. Like latex paint, acrylic is also
water-soluble and dries quickly. The difference is in its formula, which contains acrylic resins
that guarantee high impermeability to the product, making it effective for painting external
areas, in addition to allowing its washing (unlike latex, which must be cleaned only with a
damp cloth) . It is suitable for painting on masonry, plastering with lime, plaster, porous

ceramics, cemented and bricks in general. It is found in three types of finishes: matte, semi-
gloss and satin. For outdoor areas, a certain degree of brightness is indicated, since the

brighter the paint is, the more UVA and UVB rays it will reflect.
What paint to use to paint the house. types of paint. residential painting

What is the best paint to paint wooden, iron or steel doors and windows?
Paints based on oil and enamel are the most suitable in this case. The enamel is not soluble in
water and is especially suitable for painting iron and wood surfaces, such as iron windows,
handrails, metal structures and wooden doors, especially in external areas, since it is an
impermeable product. This type of paint is very resistant to the action of rain and sun and is
found in three types of finishes: matte, satin and glossy.

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