Frequency inverters

Frequency inverters are electronic devices that convert AC voltage, DC voltage of constant amplitude and frequency, and finally converts the latter into a variable Gates A32 Hi-Power II Belts amplitude and frequency (AC) voltage. These devices completely control the motor speed from zero to the maximum rated frequency or higher. There are inverters that generate alternating voltage (AC) up to 7200Hz to power special motors. The drives have the ability to act as protection devices for the most diverse electrical network problems that can occur, such as imbalance of voltages between phases, phase failure, overvoltages, undervoltages, overload, voltage drop, etc.

These equipments are applied in electric induction motors replacing rudimentary mechanical speed variation systems, such as pulleys, electromagnetic variators and hydraulic variators, as well as high cost DC motors, asynchronous motor and inverter, cheaper, easier maintenance and easy replacement. Frequency inverters have wide application in the machinery and process industry in general, with the essential ability to vary the speed or torque control of three-phase alternating current electric motors that allow designers to develop machines that without them would practically impossible to manufacture.

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