Facade color: how to balance it with the environment?

We know that choosing the ideal color for the facade, matching it with the color of the inside
of the house, is not an exact science.
There are several nuances and possibilities, and balance is a relevant factor to make the best
choice among the wide range of options.
Here are some inspirations to clarify your ideas, with examples of types of facades:
Color composition facade
Very common in country and beach houses, colorful facades, with more vivid colors, are a
good idea to decorate the exterior of the house.
A painting in this style reveals joy and relaxation, with a touch of daring. The interior of the
house, with a more rustic decoration and neutral colors, provides the necessary counterpoint
to balance the property’s aesthetics.
Facade with homogeneous painting
This style of painting is ideal for those who don’t want to risk making mistakes.
Walls covered in a single tone, dialoguing with the interior of the house, as well as with the
entire surroundings, usually give a great visual appearance to the house.
Softer and more romantic tones usually harmonize the environment.
Two-tone facade
Windows and doors of a different color from the fa├žade color create an incredible effect on
the house’s painting, often matching the color of the external walls and also the interior
decoration of the house.
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